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What You Need For The First Meeting With Your Injury Lawyer

1) Pictures of car damage. Contact our firm for instructions to provide photos of both your vehicle and the other party’s vehicle.

2) Pictures of the accident scene. Contact our firm for instructions on providing photos.

3) The Declaration Page from your automobile insurance policy. This is a 1-2 page document that is mailed out semi-annually by your insurance company and states all of your areas of coverage.

4) All possible information on the other driver and witnesses. At a minimum, you should know the other driver’s name, insurance company, and contact info for any witnesses.

5) Police incident report number. If applicable, this information would have been given to you by a police officer at the scene of the accident.

6) All forms of your health insurance. This may include any combination of the following: private medical insurance, MediCare, and/or MediCaid (Access).

7) A list of your prescribed medications. Please include names and dosages.

8) Letters from other party’s insurance company. If your wreck happened awhile ago, you probably have received letters from their company. Bring these because we need the contact information.