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This is to deal with a wrongful death case.  When my husband got hit and then passed away I wasn’t sure what to do so I had talked to a few friends and family and they advised me that I should take this to court.  I had known someone that used Attorney Stoehr and advised me to use him so I did.  He was able to handle everything.  I didn’t have to worry about doing anything.  He took his time and went to great lengths to get all information that we needed for this case while I was able to take care of my children who took their father’s death hard.  Attorney Stoehr checked in often to keep me updated on the progress and if he needed any paperwork from me.  This had taken a huge weight off my shoulders and I was able to put all focus on my boys.  I was pleased with the amount of the settlement that was received.

Jessica – Altoona, PA – Bicycle Fatality Accident in Blair County

Your services from the beginning were professional.  Communications were always timely.  Always sending copies of any types of communication.  The key to “any” transaction is communications.  Between Doug and Debbie I always knew where my case stood.  Was never given false hope, and in the end it was about “me” being satisfied.  EXTREMELY!!

Keith – Altoona, PA – Motorcycle Accident in Blair County

I was beyond pleased with Attorney Stoehr and the results of my claim.  I came to Attorney Stoehr in hopes he may be able to counsel me in taking the first step in the correct direction.  He did way more than that.  He found a case and really believed my cause was worth fighting for.  His advice was always sound and never pushy. The final decision was always left up to me.  I will forever be grateful to Doug and his staff!

Leah – Hollidaysburg, PA – Sporting Event Injury in Cambria County

Attorney Stoehr is an extraordinary injury lawyer.  His knowledge of the injury laws and insurance companies is top-notch.  He is thorough and incredibly prepared in every detail.  I was kept informed and up to date in all aspects of my case.  Attorney Stoehr and his assistant Debbie really care about his clients.  He is a very good person and a fantastic lawyer.  I would highly recommend Attorney Stoehr to everyone!!

Diana – Altoona, PA – Car Accident in Blair County

I would highly recommend this attorney due to the effectiveness and quickness of his team.  I brought him a case that was a complete mess and within two days he was sending letters out to get things settled.  I believe without Attorney Stoehr I would still be waiting for my claim to be resolved.

Minde, Northern Cambria – Car Accident in Indiana County

Attorney Stoehr and staff were very helpful with all aspects of my claim.  Assisting with medical bills that were processed incorrectly and keeping me up to date with the progress of my claim was never an issue and someone was always prompt in keeping me informed.  I would most definitely recommend Attorney Stoehr to family and friends in need of these services.

Sam, Hollidaysburg, PA – Car Accident in Blair County

I had a claim against a nursing home.  Their negligence broke my wife’s ribs and broke her back.  I was absolutely pleased with Attorney Stoehr and would recommend him with no hesitation!  Doug is efficient, extremely competent, extremely courteous, listens to your questions and answers them.  Knows the complete range of the legal system.  In brief, an outstanding lawyer!

Joe, Warminster, PA – Nursing Home Negligence Claim in Centre County

When my dad, who lived in Pennsylvania was killed in an automobile accident, my entire family went into a state of shock.  Since I lived in Ohio, I depended on research to find a good lawyer.  When I saw Attorney Stoehr’s website, I knew that he was the best lawyer to represent our family.

The person who killed my dad had minimal insurance, and no money.  That did not stop Attorney Stoehr from looking under every rock and making sure that he did all that he could for his client, my dad.  Attorney Stoehr is the type of lawyer who gives 100% regardless of the amount of money to be won in a case.  Thank you Attorney Stoehr for all that you and your office did in representing my dad and his children.  I would definitely recommend you to represent anyone who has a wrongful death case.

4 Reasons why I recommend hiring Attorney Stoehr to represent your wrongful death case:

  1. Clients are kept up to date on all work done in their wrongful death case.
  2. Clients receive copies of everything that Attorney Stoehr’s office requests. Examples included in our case were: police report, hospital records, autopsy report, letters written to investigating officer, insurance companies, court related letters, and so much more.
  3. Clients no longer have to do all of the work. Before hiring Attorney Stoehr, I spent my days researching and making phone calls, due to my dad living in PA and myself living in OH. I was wanting answers and Attorney Stoehr found those answers for myself and my family.
  4. Clients will hopefully find closure in knowing that Attorney Stoehr gave their loved one a voice.

I still miss my dad, I still feel sad and cry, but I have peace knowing that my dad’s life mattered and that my dad was given that voice.

Annette, Champion, Ohio – Wrongful Death from Car Accident in Bedford County, PA

Attorney Stoehr’s law firm was referred to me by a respected member of my church who said Mr. Stoehr would handle my case ethically and with integrity.  I had experienced a severe dog bite that hospitalized me, resulted in time off work with lost wages, and caused severe emotional trauma.  Attorney Stoehr took on two large insurance companies and was able to provide a settlement that was beyond my expectations.  He was courteous and professional and kept me apprised of the steps he was taking.

Attorney Stoehr and his legal assistant, Debbie, were very attentive to my case and answered my numerous questions, returned by phone calls, and made every effort to relieve the anxiety involved in my case.  I can’t say enough about Attorney Stoehr and his staff who got me through a very hard situation, and I would recommend him to anyone involved in a personal injury case!

Jane, Tyrone, Pennsylvania – Dog Bite Claim

Doug and his staff treated me wonderfully. I enjoyed personal attention and competent, efficient work. I received way more than I thought I would and feel Doug and his staff are excellent and would recommend him to everyone in need of legal assistance. His proficiency, attention to detail, and above all caring, compassionate manner make for an attorney second to none!

Charlene, Hollidaysburg, Pennsylvania – Car Accident in Allegheny County

Thank you.  It was hard at one time, but you helped me through it.  You do not know how much you made it easier for me.  Thank you.  We are happy.

Keith, Vintondale, Pennsylvania – Farming Accident

Everything was done in a timely fashion, he keeps me up to date through phone calls and letters. Very professional, from his office staff to Attorney Stoehr. I would have no problems hiring him again if need be.

Frances, Altoona, Pennsylvania – Slip and Fall

Several years ago we were involved in a serious motor vehicle accident in Bedford County. Unfortunately we had limited tort. A woman was coming head on toward us on a curve. We could have easily been killed. When the accident occurred, the woman claimed responsibility stating “I dropped my coffee.” However, her insurance company fought the claim for my physical disability. Doug Stoehr and his fine staff fought the good fight and went above and beyond including getting expert medical doctors. The case went close to trial but eventually truth prevailed and we won a settlement. Doug is a Christian who is hard working and diligent. If you need a good attorney he is your man!

John – Altoona Pennsylvania – Distracted driving accident in Bedford County

Attorney Stoehr handled a wrongful death claim for me regarding my father. Doug and his secretary kept me well informed about the case and Doug went to bat for me against some tough people. He believed in me from the start. I would not hesitate to come back to his services again if needed. I was very happy with my settlement and judgment. Thanks for all your hard work, it was really appreciated and now I can be at peace.

Theresa – Altoona, Pennsylvania – Wrongful Death Claim against personal care home

I found Stoehr Law in the phone book and selected him because of his prior experience. The fact that he worked for the insurance companies and knew how they looked at a claim was very appealing to me. Because of this insight Doug was able to negotiate a fair and amicable settlement. I also liked the fact that as a smaller law firm you didn’t get lost in the system, which is often the case with the large firms. The office staff was also excellent. They returned calls promptly, handled all the clerical work in a timely manner and answered all my questions. This firm is friendly, professional and very competent. I will recommend them to both family and friends.

Brian from Southfork, PA – Car Accident in Cambria County

After a year of dealing with the at fault driver’s insurance company on my own, and seeing no results, I retained Attorney Stoehr. His knowledge and expertise enabled my claim to be settled amicably and timely. His negotiating skills resulted in a larger settlement than I had expected. Attorney Stoehr and his staff were very personable, courteous, and professional. I received copies of everything they sent out and was kept informed of the status of my claim. The service was excellent and I would highly recommend Attorney Stoehr to anyone needing a personal injury lawyer.

Rodger, Bedford County – Motorcycle accident in Blair County

Attorney Stoehr went above and beyond what I ever expected. He represented me extremely well. He truly cares for his clients. After my injury I had to spend time in a nursing home. Attorney Stoehr made sure that they treated me well. When the case was settled he had gotten me a very substantial settlement that truly made my life much easier. Thank you is not enough.

James from Altoona – Automobile Accident in Blair County, PA

I had a complex case, and in today’s insurance environment, it is necessary to have competent legal representation. Doug Stoehr continually exhibited tremendous legal knowledge, skill and sincerity. He always took the time to talk me through each step of my case. This resulted in an excellent settlement for my lost wages, pain and suffering, and job re-training. It is my pleasure to recommend Doug Stoehr!

Dena of Bedford, PA – Car accident in Blair County, PA

We would absolutely recommend you for PI cases to friends and family. You were a night and day difference compared to our first lawyer. Your communication was excellent and timely. We could tell that you were on top of things and working hard to keep the case moving forward. Regarding our settlement, you kept pushing and fighting for our interests. We would not hesitate to use you again.

Stephen and Autumn – North Carolina residents injured in Pennsylvania – Motor Vehicle Accident

I want to thank you for all of your efforts, your research, your expertise and talent with the law and for giving me some peace of mind that a wrong was made right. You are a special individual with God-given talents to help people. Continue to use them wisely, and know that people like me really, really appreciate you.

Jeldo from Altoona – Nursing Home Negligence

I could not have asked for a better lawyer to handle my case against the insurance companies over the ATV wreck I was in 2012. I feel like you didn’t just fight for a nice check but that you fought for every penny I deserved for all of the past, present and future pain. You have done a great job for me since you took on my case. You kept me up to date on everything even when the case was at a standstill you would still check in on me. Thank you so much for caring and taking on my case.

Stacey – Cincinnati, OH – ATV Accident

I was very pleased with Doug’s work.  He kept me updated with what was going on throughout the whole case.  Very friendly staff.  I would recommend Doug.

Theresa, Altoona, PA – Car Accident – Blair County, Pennsylvania

Doug worked very hard to overcome the limited tort clause that would have prevented me from getting any settlement. He was very nice throughout everything. I am very pleased with how everything turned out.

Kathleen – Altoona, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident

Not being from Pennsylvania, your website was the best source to help me find the information that I needed. I was treated with respect and got my case taken care of. Highly recommend Attorney Stoehr and his dedicated staff.

Name withheld by request – Altoona, PA – Personal Injury – Motor Vehicle Accident

I just want to thank you Doug from me and my wife. We would like to thank you and the office for what you guys did for us. We were so pleased and satisfied with the settlement you got for us at a time when I was going through a lot of pain. Thank you.

Darrin and Lori, Duncansville, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident

Mr. Stoehr fought very hard for me. During this time I was suffering with PTSD and my emotions were like being on a roller coaster ride. Mr. Stoehr was very professional with dealing with me in my hard times. I could 100% confide in him on everything that was happening and wanted his advice. I trusted his opinions.

Wanda, Somerset, PA – Dog Bite Victim

I was very pleased with my results. Doug was very knowledgeable and thorough in handling my case. He always kept me informed of any new developments and answered all my questions promptly. I would definitely recommend his services to family and friends.

Lois, Altoona, Pennsylvania – Slip and Fall on an icy sidewalk

You were very patient with me and all my questions. I want to thank you and all your staff for all your help in my time of need. You did excellent!

Betty, Duncansville, PA – Head on motor vehicle accident

He was so helpful at a time I needed a person with compassion and someone I could trust. He is kind and I couldn’t ask for a better lawyer. He is intelligent and he takes care of his clients first. Thank you Mr. Stoehr for everything!

Joanne – Altoona, PA – Pharmaceutical Error

I was completely satisfied with all aspects of services provided. Legal services were competent, thorough and timely. This was during a period of time where I was undergoing physical therapy and was in considerable pain. So quality of services were greatly appreciated.

Kathy – Altoona PA – Car Accident in Altoona, PA

Joe and I would like to thank you for all you and the office have done for our case. We never felt as if we were clients, but friends. Once Doug took our case, all I had to worry about was getting healthy again. Not having to deal with the insurance company was such a blessing!! Thank you so much.

Joe and Terri – Altoona, PA – Car Accident in Altoona, PA

Douglas: My wife and I would like to “thank you” for all the help you forwarded to C.J. on this very serious situation. You were professional and point on! We are all very satisfied with the outcome, and C.J.’s health and settlement. Thanks again!! P.S. I would not hesitate to refer anyone for your services.

Craig, West Orange, NJ – Personal Injury Claim of Son in Altoona, PA

Attorney Stoehr was very thorough from the beginning. He told us what was needed and also what to expect. As the process unfolded, his staff was also very helpful in guiding us how to handle paperwork that was pertinent to our case. The case has now been resolved to our satisfaction. It turns out it was resolved exactly how Attorney Stoehr predicted in the very beginning.

Martin from Altoona – Motor Vehicle Accident in Centre County

I was pleased to have you as my lawyer. Everything was excellent. You always kept me updated on what you did. You were quick on getting my claim settled.

David from Williamsburg – Truck Accident in Centre County, Pennsylvania

Attorney Stoehr worked with me for over 2 years and tenaciously followed all aspects of 3 cases involving workers’ compensation and two insurance claims. Although I had never been in an accident before, and this one was not my fault, I found the other insurance company calling me to “record” what happened and my own company limiting what workers’ compensation I could receive. At this point, I read through online attorneys and decided to contact Attorney Stoehr. After meeting with him, I knew I had to shield myself from the very people that were supposed to be working for my best interest. And I am please that I did so on many levels: it took out the anxiety of other party’s insurance company wanting information and settlement before I was even well; Attorney Stoehr made sure my workers’ compensation was not erroneously cutoff and continuous though this ordeal; and he worked on my behalf in settling properly with not only the person at faults insurance company , but also my insurance company where I had additional coverage. Attorney Stoehr was very professional not only with me, but with those individuals he dealt with at the insurance companies; he was clear and straight forward with all of them. I knew every aspect of the case, because all correspondence was copied to me. I want to thank Attorney Stoehr and his staff for all their work and being there for me when I really needed it most.

Name withheld by request – Centre County, PA

Thanks for all the help you have given over the past 10 months. Everything was fantastic and I couldn’t be happier with the results.

C.J., State College, PA – Personal Injury Claim in Altoona, PA

What impressed me the most was Doug taking my case from the beginning knowing the outcome could be completely fruitless. He took his time and trusted me and made an uncertainty a wonderful ending. Doug is an outstanding lawyer and excels above many in his field. He uses his past experiences to tear down walls and conquer any obstacle facing him. Thank you again!

Denise, Claysburg, PA – Personal Injury Claim in Roaring Spring, PA

I am absolutely pleased with my results. I could not have asked for a more favorable experience. I am very impressed with the service provided to me. My accident was horrific. As for the insurance claim, I initially believed that this would be a tedious and stressful experience. Much to my delight, Attorney Stoehr exceeded my expectations by settling my claim favorably in a matter of a few months. My sincere thanks to all of you for providing me with relief and the ability to move on with my life.

Tara from Duncansville, PA–Motor vehicle accident in Blair County, PA

I am very pleased and grateful with the results of our situation. I was completely informed of what was happening with my claim. Doug and his staff were polite and responsive to any questions I had. I hope I never have this need again, but if so, I would most certainly work with Doug.

Terry – Altoona, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident in Altoona, PA

I would recommend you to everyone. I feel that the services you provided were excellent. You were very professional and straight forward. I was kept informed about everything the whole time.

Sara – Duncansville, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident in Altoona, PA

Attorney Stoehr was very professional but also had a personal side to him and his firm showed great concern for my health and also concern for my family’s welfare. Thank you for all that you did for me. You made this nightmare a lot easier to cope with.

Rex, Duncansville, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident in Altoona PA

We found the entire staff at Attorney Stoehr’s office very dedicated to solving our problem. Attorney Stoehr invested many more hours than he had to, making sure all our problems were solved. His aggressiveness and attention to detail brought about a successful settlement. He also spent many hours educating himself on our type of injury to better fight the case and he kept us totally informed of all progress.

Tom – Altoona, PA – Motor Vehicle Accident in Altoona, PA

I would like to thank you for the outstanding legal representation after my car accident. Attorney Stoehr and his staff were very kind and understanding during the whole process. They were always available to address all my concerns and answer all my questions no matter how small or trivial they seemed. I was kept updated on the progress. I gained so much knowledge about vehicle insurance from Attorney Stoehr. I would highly recommend Attorney Stoehr and his staff to anyone in need of legal representation after an accident.

Diana, Altoona, PA – Automobile Accident in Altoona, PA

The staff was always very polite and helpful. If you requested a call back, you got a call back. Attorney Stoehr was more than patient with us and all of our questions. He was always very professional, but also personal. He showed concern for our health the whole time.

Ernie and Debbie, Altoona, PA – Automobile Accident in Altoona, PA

Everything handled professionally and efficiently.

Georgia, Altoona, PA – Automobile Accident in Blair County

Attorney Stoehr and his staff worked hard to secure the best possible results for my daughter after she was hit by a drunk driver. He was persistent and thorough, and always kept us informed and up to date on the status of the claim. His office handled all the phone calls, emails and paperwork dealing with the insurance companies, thereby freeing up our time and resources, and we always felt we were in good hands.

Karen from Duncansville – Automobile Accident in Ohio

I was very pleased with the amount of the personal injury settlement I received. You and your staff were very friendly and helpful. I was kept informed and award of what was happening at every step of the process, and all actions were explained very well, in a way that I could understand the possible options at each point in the process. I am very satisfied with your efforts and the results, and will recommend you to other people.

Ed from Hollidaysburg – Products Liability Claim

The services provided were excellent from start to finish. Your compassion, commitment, and all-around caring of my well-being throughout my workers compensation case was more than I could have ever imagined. Thank you so much for everything you did.

Larry from Hollidaysburg, PA–Workers compensation in Blair County, PA

I was very pleased at how Attorney Stoehr handled my claim. He was very friendly and pleasant with my first visit. He was professional and thorough in handling my claim. I was made aware of every step during the process in filing the claim. I was pleased with the outcome, and I would recommend him to anyone who needs a personal injury lawyer.

Sharon from Altoona

I was very pleased. You rock dude!

Zach from Bellwood – Burn injury in Blair County, PA

It was a pleasure to work with you and to feel a personal connection as opposed to an account number.

Anita from Altoona, PA – Auto Accident in Blair County, PA

It was a pleasure working with you on my problem. I don’t think there was a question I had that was not answered. I will recommend you and your firm highly. Thank you for everything!

Wayne from Williamsburg, PA-Personal injury in Blair County, PA

You’re the best!

Johnny from Bedford, PA–Personal injury in Bedford County, PA

You were great!

Jean of Altoona, PA–Motor vehicle accident in Blair County, PA

Everything you did for me was very excellent.

Brenda of Bedford, PA–Motor vehicle accident in Bedford County, PA

Continue doing an excellent job! Very impressed with all correspondence sent out and keeping your clients informed. Very thorough and detail-oriented. Thank you for your expertise and a job well done.

Karen of Altoona, PA-Motor vehicle accident in Blair County, PA

Keep doing what you’re doing! Thank you for all your time and help with my case.

Brian of Altoona, PA–Motorcycle accident in Blair County, PA

I was happy to have my case resolved out of court.

Donna of Altoona, PA–Motor vehicle accident in Blair County, PA

Thank you for everything. I am pleased with my results!

Michelle of Altoona, PA–Personal injury claim in Blair County, PA

I cannot thank you enough for all that you did for me. I would have never known where to start.

Ramona of Tyrone, PA–Motor vehicle accident in Blair County, PA

I feel Doug went above and beyond to assist my family through a very difficult time. He allowed us to focus on healing and not have to worry about insurance claims and legal issues. He fought for us and encouraged us to be more aggressive with our health care and the needs we still had before he negotiated a settlement. Thanks so much for all your help!

Melissa of Newry, PA-Claim on behalf of a child in Blair County, PA

I was highly impressed with your integrity and personality. You showed much interest in helping me, and I will definitely recommend you.

Rita of Altoona, PA-Personal injury claim in Blair County, PA

You definitely understood the process and I enjoyed working with you!

Bob of Hollidaysburg, PA – Auto accident in Blair County, PA

Very impressed with all correspondence sent out and keeping your clients informed. Very thorough and detail oriented. Thank you for your expertise and a job well done.

Karen of Altoona, PA – Motor vehicle crash in Blair County, PA

Excellent in all areas. Thank you. Keep doing what you’re doing!

Jamie of Duncansville, PA – Auto accident in Blair County, PA

After our accident we feared our credit would be ruined because medical bills were mounting. Past due notices continued despite our insurance company promising to pay. Attorney Stoehr made sure that the bills were paid. He also referred me to medical experts who provided testing, treatment, rehab and counseling for my brain injury. Attorney Stoehr is knowledgeable, compassionate and extremely competent. I am grateful and highly recommend him.

Anonymous, Altoona, PA

You went above and beyond the service expected from a law firm.

Mike of Duncansville, PA – Auto accident in Allegheny County, PA

A few words from other satisfied clients:

“I wouldn’t change a thing you [Attorney Stoehr] did. I am very much pleased with my results.”

(from multiple clients) “I am pleased with my results.”

Evening and weekend hours are available for your convenience. Attorney Stoehr can also come to your home or the hospital if necessary.