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Adolescent Chronic Pain Is Expensive

Recently, NewsWise published an online article that detailed the prevalence of adolescent chronic pain the United States.  The article cited research conducted by the American Pain Society’s journal, the Journal of Pain.  Statistics within the article include the fact that the total U.S. economic burden of adolescent chronic pain is about $19.5 billion every year.  About 5% of children and adolescents suffer from moderate to severe chronic pain, and medical costs related to their chronic pain amounts to about $11,000 per year for each child.  They also miss a significant amount of school and report a poorer quality of life than many of their peers.  For more from the Newswise article, please click here

Attorney Doug Stoehr is a central Pennsylvania personal injury lawyer.  He takes cases for clients who are experiencing chronic pain due to an accident or injury caused by the fault of another.  For more information on Attorney Doug Stoehr‘s Altoona, PA area practice, please call his office at 814-515-9074 or continue to browse his website at