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PA’s Important Snowmobile Laws: What You Need To Know

| Dec 1, 2014 | Uncategorized

Are you familiar with Pennsylvania’s snowmobile laws?  Many users may not realize the regulations required to properly and legally operate a snowmobile on PA’s trails and recreational areas.  Here are a few of Pennsylvania’s most important snowmobile laws that people may not know.


  • No child under 10 years old may drive a snowmobile on public land, and no child between the ages of 10 and their 16th birthday can operate a snowmobile on any land other than the land of their parent or guardians.  The only exception to the latter part of this regulation is if the child has completed a safety education course and received a corresponding completion certificate.
  • Snowmobile safety courses can be found and scheduled using the Bureau of Forestry’s phone number, which is (717) 783-7941.
  • If a snowmobiler is involved in an accident, they must stop and give their name and address, the owner’s name and address (if different), and the vehicle’s registration number to a police officer at the scene or to the other person involved in the incident.
  • If a snowmobile accident causes death or injury to the person/property worth over $100, the incident needs to be reported in writing to the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources (DCNR).
  • All registered snowmobiles must have liability insurance.  There is no minimum dollar amount for this coverage.   If you don’t properly register your snowmobile and/or fail to get liability insurance, you can be fined $300.
  • All snowmobiles being used in Pennsylvania must be equipped with an adequate brake system (one that can stop within 40 feet when traveling 20mph), along with a muffler in good working condition.   They must also have a working headlight and taillight.

Off-road vehicles, such as snowmobiles and ATVs, are potentially dangerous vehicles for many of our state’s youth.  Improper ATV use is leading cause of serious injury among Pennsylvanians.   Attorney Doug Stoehr of Altoona, PA handles cases involving injury as a result of accidents involving off-road vehicles.  For more information about Attorney Doug Stoehr and his central Pennsylvania practice, please call his law firm at 814-515-9074.


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