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What Happens If You’re Given The Wrong Rx?

Medical professionals do an awesome job keeping us safe and healthy, all while promoting good lifestyle choices.  However, they are also humans and can make mistakes just like everyone else.  This is especially true when they are working very long hours!  Unfortunately, sometimes these mistakes can lead to very serious health issues.

The US News & World Report highlighted one such common phenomenon–being given an incorrect prescription or dose.  About 1-5% of all prescriptions have some sort of error.  So, what should you do when this happens to you? Read their article for more information here.   

If you have been the victim of an erroneous prescription and have suffered significantly as a result, it is crucial to hold on to the medication vial.  It is important both legally and medically (so medical professionals know how to help you and what went wrong).  If you feel that you’ve been a victim of a serious medical mistake, it may be time to seek legal counsel.  Attorney Doug Stoehr is skilled in taking these types of claims and is your local hometown lawyer who can get the job done! Contact his Altoona, PA area office at 814-515-9074 for your free initial consultation.