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Holiday Home Safety

Are you keeping safe as your decorate your home this Christmas?  Follow a few of these simple tips, courtesy of to keep your family and visitors safe during this holiday season!

  • Always remember to turn off your holiday lights when you’re leaving your house or going to bed! You don’t want to start a fire or an electrical shortage.  Outdoor timers work great for this! 
  • Make sure to buy a freshly cut tree, since they are less likely to catch fire.  Keep it well watered and away from candles.  
  • Don’t connect multiple extension cords together, and make sure you’re using plastic clips or tape when hanging exterior lights.  
  • Don’t use your gas fireplace if the glass panel isn’t complete and in place.  Otherwise, you could put yourself at serious risk for a gas leak. 

In talking about holidays and parties, it is also important to think about home safety in the context of premises liability.   It is important to remember that, as hosts, you are responsible for what your guests ingest at your party as well as the safety and security of your home.  If a guest injures his or herself at your home due to unsafe conditions, you could be held liable. This includes areas such as maintaining your sidewalks in good working order, keeping your home and exterior well lit so people can see where they’re walking, and making sure your guests don’t drink too much alcohol and drive home. You could face very serious legal ramifications later on if accident, injury, or police involvement occurs.  Be smart when both hosting and attending a party.

Attorney Doug Stoehr is a personal injury lawyer serving western and central Pennsylvania.  For more information on his firm or to talk about your potential legal claim, please call his office at 814-515-9074.