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Work With An Attorney Who Has Worked For The Other Side

Each year insurance companies spend millions of dollars in television commercials and online marketing. They want you to buy insurance from them and not a competitor. We are all familiar with the State Farm “Good Neighbor” policy and GEICO’s assertions that it can save you 15% in 15 minutes. The Allstate Mayhem guy tries to scare you to buy from Allstate, and Progressive’s Flo is one of the most recognizable pitch people in the business.

What the marketing and commercials do not portray are the claim representatives who often delay and deny your claim. Attorney Doug Stoehr used to be a claim representative. In fact, he worked for two insurers during the day in Philadelphia while attending law school at night. Claims people are trained to minimize the value of your personal injury claim. The claims department absolutely does not have your best interests at heart.

The claims departments of the insurers love it when the claimant is unrepresented by legal counsel. Statistics show that the payout of a claim is more significant when an attorney is involved. In fact, typically the attorney gets you much more than had you not been represented, more than enough to cover the fee that your attorney is paid.

Many insurance companies now use a computer software program called Colossus. Instead of considering your claim on its merits, the claim departments put data into a software program that results in an amount for your settlement. The flaw to this system is that it is not personalized. Further, it places very low value for pain and suffering, and nearly always states an amount that is not close to the true value of your claim.

If you are injured through no fault of your own, give our office a call. Attorney Doug Stoehr will give you an honest evaluation of the merit of your case and what to expect moving forward. He knows the tricks of the trade in the insurance industry, in fact, we are not aware of any other personal injury attorney between Pittsburgh and Harrisburg who has the claims experience of Attorney Stoehr. Put his experience and expertise to use for you.

Remember, you do not ever have to pay anything. Attorney Doug Stoehr will only be paid by the insurance company a percentage of the overall recovery for your claim.